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Technology Center was established in early 2006, set up the organization and operation mechanism in line with the development of technology centers, the establishment of technology centers to meet the research and experimental work in the software and hardware facilities for research and development and in the mechanics laboratory experiments, chemistry experiments room, welding laboratory and metallurgical laboratory with the domestic first-class basic conditions.

Technology Center adhere to the technical innovation as the core, industry, academia, research combining operational mechanism. Technology Center plans to build open operational mechanism, extensive contacts with research, design, universities and other units, make full use of social forces, to study and solve key technological problems, and in accordance with their long-term development plans and market demand, and actively carry out applied basic research and advanced technology the study.

Technology innovation center in the future construction, will adhere to the two research directions: First, LSAW pipe manufacturing equipment research and development, the second is to insist LSAW new product research and development, and strive in key technologies and key made part of the breakthrough, the development of a number of gaps, gaps in the industry LSAW pipe products, and state-level key new products.